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Syndicated Columns

Creating spiritual peace must come from within

Posted July 29, 2006

Q. What would you recommend for me to live a more peaceful life? -- R.W., Los Angeles

A. I once heard it said that a mindlift is better than a facelift. Take a moment or two to listen to the musings of your mind.

You may find it travels its own course, ricocheting from concerns to worries and fears. It is restless, always occupied with something.

The mind is the single most powerful source for inner peace and happiness. Worries are the antithesis of a peaceful mind.

Noticing where you put your attention, what you think about, what preoccupies your thoughts, and how you worry may give you insight to what separates you from feeling peaceful.

In seeking more peace, you must create it from the source. It cannot be bought, won or given you. This is where you become the creator of your experience.

Journalist Dorothy Thompson said, "Peace has to be created in order to be maintained. It is the product of faith, strength, energy, will, sympathy, justice and imagination."

Where is your faith? Can you muster it from within? Is your relationship with God fulfilling enough for you to feel peaceful in his presence? Can your mind rest in being caressed by loving thoughts that wash you with glee?

I recommend you sit by the ocean's side and watch as the sunlight dances upon the sea. Allow your mind to rest, for in this all peace will be.

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