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Syndicated Columns

Finding that connection

Posted September 30 2006

Q. How can I feel more connected to what created me? -- L.M., Boca Raton

A. We can explore our connection to creation with words, thoughts and ideas, yet any attempt to use words to restore our connection to source is inadequate.

To truly connect, we have to surrender the illusion that we are separate from our source.

There is an invisible force that impels everything into the universe. It's everywhere. This source is kind, loving, peaceful and nonjudgmental. It includes everyone and everything. All that exists comes from this force.

In the Old Testament it says, "In the beginning God created heaven and earth, and that everything God created was good." So good and God are what it means to be connected to our source.

When we are in harmony with source, we can feel the power of creation, knowing we are an integral part of the whole.

What most of us do is disconnect from our source. We align our thinking with acquiring, achieving, mastering, overcoming, succeeding, exploiting. We separate ourselves from our life essence.

"Separation is not a sin; it's just a mistake," says author Wayne Dyer. "It's an illusion; it's a belief that we're something that we're not."

Self-realization means we've moved beyond separation and consciously connected with our source of being. Contemplative prayer and meditation can help you achieve this goal.

Words will not deliver you. As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, "Feeling is deep and still; and the word that floats on the surface is as the tossing buoy that betrays where the anchor is hidden."

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