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Q: How can I change negative thinking to positive thinking?

submitted by JM, Delray Beach

Negative thinking is very common. Its roots are in the subconscious mind and are born out of repetitive messaging. Negative thinking arises from perfectionism, unworthiness, regret and fear. It can perpetuate itself over a lifetime and never become conscious to those afflicted.

The good news is we can change negative thinking into positive thinking. It requires two main

ingredients; awareness and enthusiasm.

First, become aware of your thoughts. Hear your internal dialogue. If what you hear is good,

great! If not, change the messages you’re feeding yourself. Deepak Chopra tells us that we are

the only creatures on earth that can change our biology through thinking and feeling. A good

attitude will go a long way in delivering happy food to your cells. As you increase the positive

thoughts, you are enhancing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

As with any new task, enthusiasm is the fuel for success. Commit to catching your thoughts.

Examine them. If they are negative, change the language. Use positive phrases such as: I can, I

will, I know, I am, I choose. Empower yourself with an attitude adjustment and become

proactive about shaping your life.

Change happens, growth is optional. Choose wisely!

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