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I am so into firsts! I was born on the first of December and I’ve loved beginnings since early childhood.

I remember the eve of my first day in kindergarten. I cried in my mother’s arms, "How am I going to learn?” She consoled and assured me that the teachers would know how to help me. It’s true, they did, and from that day on, I've welcomed firsts.

Firsts are usually fun but they can be scary and exciting at the same time. Some firsts are great while others are really hard to deal with, often offering us an opportunity to grow.

First pet, first love, first plane ride, first child, first many firsts when we were young.

As seniors, most of our firsts have already happened.

And that is why I am writing this article because we need firsts!

Surely, this pandemic was a first for everyone! We had lots of firsts: from a global lockdown to the celebration of our front line workers to newfound appreciation of essential workers and the overwhelming awareness of the inherent biases we have taken for granted.

We’re woke now

and what better time than this moment

to make firsts our first priority?

I recently wrote an article and this is what I said:

It’s important to bring new things into our lives. My goodness, just think about how many things we do for the sake of maintenance like sleeping, cooking, eating, washing, cleaning, exercise, home and auto repair even maintaining friendships and relationships. Whenever we can add something new, exciting and liberating into our lives, that’s what makes living great!!!

Look for firsts in your life and celebrate them as precious gems because firsts are less frequent with age and we have to look for them to appreciate them.

I’m going with a friend to a gun range. That will be a first for me. I watch for the first glimmer of the stars in the evening... that’s a guaranteed first. I try new recipes, take new classes, listen to new music and start the day with a prayer, which is new every morning.

Speaking of new, next week will begin the High Holy Days for those celebrating the Jewish New Year 5782.

The tradition of Tashlich is the throwing or casting of bread into moving water to let go of our sins. It gives us the chance to have a fresh start which becomes the first day of being free from what burdens us.

So find your firsts and hey, look at that, today is September 1st — your first first!

That makes me chuckle.

Be well~ be blessed~ stay safe!

Shanah Tovah שנה טובה

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