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Lots of wonderful things happening... meeting people and making new connections. I’ll be writing feature articles for VegWorld Magazine and was recently introduced to the editor of the local paper, The Commercial Reporter.

I have an opportunity to travel on assignment for a very important project that helps rehabilitate factory farmed animals that have been abused and neglected. Details to follow.

A couple of times a week, I just get in the car and drive, letting spirit guide me. Yesterday, I landed on a lavender farm. It was a multi-sensory delight.The proprietors were a lovely couple and it turns out, the husband is a retired professor of English who taught in……..Boca Raton. (I think six degrees of separation is now about three degrees.) Such a small world!

He and his wife decided to find a new vocation that honors nature and gives the reward of additional income. My purchase of a lavender bouquet is proof that dreams do come true.

I wanted to title this piece As Time Goes By or Time Flies because formally “summer” is coming to an end. There is a crisp breeze that has been building off Lake Michigan for the past few days; autumn is in the air.

Time is flying by and as much as I want to hold on to the glorious bounty of the summer and inviting waters that beckoned me to swim in the cove (without a wetsuit — and the temp was in the 70’s brrrrr) it is indeed wiser to be fully engaged with each breath.

Here I Am, breathing deeply, inhaling and exhaling life and drinking in the nectar of this very ripe moment.

PS: You can too!

Hello Wise Women at the JCC Sandler Center!

Janet Weissman will be facilitating until my return, November 6th.

Every Wednesday in Boca from 10:30 - 12 noon.

No membership required. $13 per class.

For more information: 561-558-2520.

This Week's Topic: What Is Your SuperPower?

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