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  • Liz Sterling

Home Sweet Home

Foggy, fuzzy, fatigued…. the days are a blur and whizzing by. Sometimes, when I wake up, I have to remind myself what day it is and what season we're in.

Driving is another story altogether. Being home so much has dulled my response mechanisms.

Have you noticed how different it feels to be behind the wheel after two months of lockdown? It mandates an attentiveness that includes processing many bits of information at a time. My brain has been on easy peasy mode so re-entering the world, as many of us are, requires alertness.

A few days ago I drove downtown to Delray Beach at 7 pm. I was utterly shocked. I saw very little social distancing, the restaurants were busy and people were not wearing masks. The streets were crowded. I noted many millennials, a bunch of forty-somethings and a smattering of quinquagenarians (fancy word for 50-something). I did not get out of my car.

Now we are arriving at a new reality. Life is changing again. New information is pouring forth and new decisions will be made. I don’t know what to make of all the openings and the changes…. I’ll be following the advise from one of my teachers.

When in doubt, go without.

I’ve used that saying with everything... from buying a new pair of pants to pausing decision making until becoming clear. One of the great benefits of having extra time is being able to wait… with no need to rush about impulsivly.

So where is this rambling going…. today, more than ever, we are being asked to take especially good care and to make excellent choices. Not only for ourselves but for each other. Like wearing masks — and boosting our immune system.

Here are some great suggestions while hanging out in your Home Sweet Home:

For some spiritual and musical nourishment check out my interview with Daphna Rosenberg from Israel.

I must admit, shifting from radio to video/zoom is a whole new experience. You can see me here:

My friend’s MD/Naturopath at Webster Family Physicians offers these recommendations:

1) Maintain positive thinking while you keep joy and laughter in your life. This is a good time to rethink and realign your purposes and priorities.

2) Meditate regularly and connect with the Divine which helps banish overly fearful thoughts and supports immunity.

3) Sleep regularly and long enough in a fully darkened room which is solely dedicated to sleep and rest, and kept free of non-work related items.

4) Keep a diet of natural whole foods, and avoid foods that would lower your immunity, like refined sugar, alcohol, and foods that you are known to be allergic to.

5) Take some time every day to be out in open air and sunshine, and spend some of that time exercising.

Stay settled, stay safe and be blessed. Lovingly, Liz

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