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Life Advice: Our Collective Wisdom

This is a two-part blog. It begins with a simple question: What is Your Life Advice?

Part two, to be published next week, will offer a sampling of your answers in: Life Advice: Our Collective Wisdom

As this is the last two weeks facilitating the Women’s Wisdom Circle until November, I’m likening it to a Graduation Class.

If you’re in Florida join us at The JCC Sandler Center in Boca Raton on Wednesday …..or submit your reply to

I was inspired by a small column in the Kids Section of this Sunday’s New York Times. Lukas Smith’s father, Larry Smith, started the website before his birth and today, having garnered eight years of wisdom, Lukas published the Kids Life Advice Column.

Mind you, the advice is offered in just six words!!!!

So here are a few things they said:

“Everything will change, don’t be scared.” Fiona, 9, Ohio

“Age Doesn’t Matter, Bad Choices Matter.” Aklya, 7, St Louis

“You’re Perfect the Way You Are.” Eleanor, 14, Atlanta

“Always Assume That Rumors Are False.” Aryana, 11, California

“Be Happy — It Drives People Crazy!” Gianna, 14, Houston

“Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play.” Lukas Smith, 8, Columbus, Ohio

It’s the July 4th week, a time for both reflection and celebration of independence and freedom and a perfect moment to pause and take stock of where we are, from where we’ve come and maybe a prayer or two for where we are going…..

God Bless America, Our Home Sweet Home!

Send your SIX,SEVEN OR EIGHT WORDS of Life Advice to me at or bring them to class. Let’s play with this!!!

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