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Make Life Matter Now! Ask Liz Live

We have important issues to address about climate, politics, social action and human rights.

We have endorsements to make and votes to cast and we have valuable questions to ask of ourselves.

Join me for a Live 'Ask Liz' event on

Monday, April 1 st from 2:30pm - 4 pm

at the Levis JCC Sandler Center to open the dialogue and discuss What Really Matters.

Albert Einstein said, "The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe." He was asking us to examine the fundamentals of our beliefs.

I suspect he was speaking about how perception and attitude effect our lives and those around us.

Just think about it... rose-colored glasses... the cup is half empty... my way or the highway... go with the flow…

I don't think it really matters whether the universe is friendly or hostile because it's not about the universe. It's about US. It's about our thoughts and our perceptions — our unique filters that process what we see, sense and experience.

The more positivity you discover the more you will develop an overall sense of well-being.

Life is change, growth is optional. Grow With Me and Make Life Matter Now!

Join me on April 1st in south Florida for 'Ask Liz' Live - Discussion and Q&A Forum for our personal and collective wisdom to stimulate your mind, your conversation and your life enrichment.

Please, bring your friends and loved ones! $10 admission. Register Today! 561-558-2520.

With love and gratitude, Liz

Women’s Wisdom Circle Wednesday, March 20th at the

Levis JCC Sandler Center, Boca Raton for my from 10:30 am - Noon.

This week we will explore the topic : Listening to Our Inner Wisdom - A Matter of Health!

Membership is not required. $13 payable at the door.

Levis JCC Sandler Center

21050 95th Ave S, Boca Raton, FL 33428


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