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  • Liz Sterling

Monday Musings

Good Monday morning!

Are you doing OK? Hanging in there? Making this time work for you?

Each and every one of us has been impacted by the coronavirus and together we’ll keep up the morale and help each other get through these unprecedented times.

Moment by moment, there’s a new engagement with my thoughts, activities, worries, prayers and even some wonder—Meeting it all with curiosity; amazed that so much is arising.

I feel grateful for the deepening of awareness and the spaciousness of time—that always runs out too quickly.

You’ll find me laughing when I’m not crying.

Resting, reading, cooking, cleaning and swimming.

Puzzling this world right now, so I’m working on a 1000 piece puzzle — only a few pieces at a time, until some other distraction comes along.

Ventured out a week ago to Publix. I may or may not go to Whole Foods later this week—thinking about utilizing a delivery service, or not.

It’s a crap shoot— felt lucky yesterday, not so much today.

I’m going nowhere which I also understand is now here!

Be Well. Be safe. Be blessed. ✨✨✨

Zoom Class for The Women's Wisdom Circle

Wednesday 10:30 am - Noon.

Please download the Zoom App to your smartphone, iPad or computer.

Class participants will receive directions by email.

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