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  • Liz Sterling

Nine Months

I just found a folder on my laptop entitled, Learning 2021. I had good intentions when I made that folder; to house all the new information from classes that I would take throughout the year. I found it this morning because my desktop was so full of random folders I had to create some order…

Speaking of order, I just arrived back in Florida, with all my “stuff” in tow, after spending 4 months in Michigan. I left earlier than expected partly because a dear, dear friend of 25 years and my Zen teacher, Doshin, has begun his end-of-life process. As some of you know, I am becoming a certified Death Doula and am passionate about helping people make the transition from ‘here to there’ with love, grace and understanding.

After visiting him yesterday, I am grateful knowing we have more time together to share deep looks into one another’s eyes.

Back to the folder, and upon reflection, it has been phenomenal nine month journey since January. Take a moment now…..pause for a few seconds to think about what you have learned, gained, lost, valued, identified as meaningful, left behind or embraced these past nine months.

That’s funny, nine months, January through September is actually the gestation period for a baby. I never thought about it that way but when I look at the wonderful teachers I have learned from this year, I can see what it’s like to grow in becoming vulnerable and authentic.

I studied with the poet David Whyte, executive life coach, Aimee Bernstein in her program, The Roar of the More, Rick Jarow, Professor of Religion at Vassar College and author of Creating the Work You Love and with a team of brilliant visionaries at Portals of Perception.

Whatever is happening in life, we are growing, changing and refining our world view. Imagine the best version of yourself… don’t let the clutter and distraction of the world, or your desktop, render you blind to the possibilities of living intentionally.

I made that folder knowing it was going to be a very important year. I have learned to set my priorities in order, clean up messy things and learn, grow and share love, kindness and wisdom.

Join me for the online Women’s Wisdom Circle, sponsored by the Levis JCC Sandler Center, this Wednesday, October 6th from 10:30 AM - Noon.

Our topic: The Best Version of You

No charge for members. Your link was sent to your email. $10 for all others.

Contact Lesley Surfer to register : or call (561) 558-2540.

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