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  • Liz Sterling

Ready for Re-Entry?

Have you received two vaccinations and are now two weeks out? If so, you may be finding that social invitations are pouring in, calls to go out are increasing and your inbox has less online invites and more

in person activities.

Yes, it may very well be time to meet friends again, go to restaurants, play cards, celebrate the holidays at in-home gatherings, go shopping in a real store….. the choices are numerous.

Yesterday, one of the students in the Spring Into Spring Program expressed how overwhelmed she felt because the doorways of possibility are wide open.

With a solid year of COVID-19 restrictions lifting, what do we do now?

I pondered this question overnight and realized there is much to consider.

  1. Continue to follow the published CDC guidelines…. this goes without saying.

  2. Use discernment. Consider which invitations are most beneficial for your health and well-being: mentally, emotionally and physically.

  3. Slow and steady…. ease back in so you continue to feel safe.

  4. Balance your going out time with going in time. Savor the stillness.

  5. Continue to Zoom and FaceTime wherever you can to stay connected.

  6. Mark off days on your calendar where you do not drive anywhere.

  7. Keep those at home days for deepening your self care.

  8. Consider your priorities: Who do you choose to spend time with?

Charging head strong back into the world with anxiety or overwhelm is not what last year was all about. This is not the time to run around just because there are new found freedoms.

Cautiously, consciously, intentionally and comfortably — make your re-entry right for you. Use honesty in your communications, be in integrity to yourself for the good work you did during COVID and don’t blow it on doing things with people who don’t bring out the best in you. Invest your time wisely.

I can’t envision there will be another moment in our lifetimes where we will have this opportunity to decide how to enter back into the busy world we left in March 2020.

It’s March 2021 — it’s been an incredible year of learning growing, healing.

This is a rare moment in time. Shape it and make it reflect who you are today!

Stay Safe. Be Blessed. Enjoy your Freedom.

Love, Liz

PS: Had my 1st vaccine two weeks ago.

Readying myself too -- for life anew.

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