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  • Liz Sterling

Reframe to Gain Gratitude

I had plans to take a nature walk with a friend the other day but hat did not happen. It rained cats and dogs. I could have felt bad because the rain interfered with my wishes but instead I reframed it and saw it from a wider perspective.

I used a method I often rely upon to help me shift my perspective. It’s called Reframing. My plans were squelched and I didn’t do what I wanted to do but from nature’s point of view, an abundant and well-needed rain helped compensate for a dry October. “Oh poor me,” when reframed becomes, “YAY” for the trees and the grass and the plants and the birds, all who rely on that water for survival.

It's November and that’s when we start thinking about Thanksgiving and the holidays. Many of us reflect on the past year and begin to ponder what we have gained and lost and what we have come to value more than before.

This year, 2021 has been a huge turning point of perspectives. It’s become a year of great shifts. For some, there may be less “I and Me” and more “Us and We. Hopefully we are beginning to see that we're all in this together!

No, I am not using this platform to be an influencer of how you should vote or if you should vaccinate. This is not a piece about ideology. It is about gaining an advantage, at each turn and every step of the way, to incorporate a point of view that allows you to reframe whatever is happening and see it from a perspective of gratitude and thankfulness.

Let’s say someone you know is sick, you can be grateful that you are well and able to make them your favorite healing vegetable or chicken soup. Let’s say your car battery won’t start. How do you reframe that? Well, thankfully you know someone with jumper cables or you have AAA or you have the money to buy a new battery.

With a simple belief that everything happens for a reason, you can practice the the art of reframing, any time you choose to apply it to your circumstances.

Lots of things happen in life that interfere with the way we think it should be, when in reality, all it takes is another perspective to gift us with more acceptance and happiness. Add up those moments of thankfulness so you too can reframe to gain gratitude!

Join me for the online Women’s Wisdom Circle, sponsored by the Levis JCC Sandler Center, this Wednesday, November 3rd from 10:30 AM - Noon.

Our topic: Reframing and a Special Guest Presentation, Interview and Intuitive Guidance Readings for participants with Linda Walburn, artist, poet, author and intuitive

No charge for members. Your link was sent to your email. $10 for all others.

Contact Lesley Surfer to register : or call (561) 558-2540.

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