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  • Liz Sterling

The Ripple Effect

Today, our entire world is in a massive state of flux. Not only have we been impacted by the pandemic, we are now entering the height of the campaign season with every conceivable emotion.

Are you willing to shift your fear into favor? Favor, as in service to others?

I know this is a big leap, but it’s vital for us to consider.

The ripple effect illustrates how small acts can have

great and lasting impact.

Now's The Time For Us To Take Action

With the presidential campaign at full throttle, a friend who was upset by all the pervasive negativity decided to designate Sunday's at 4pm ( from now untill November 3rd) and direct positive thoughts and energy toward Joe Biden. My response to her was, "Wow, that's a great idea. Let's go for it!"



That initial thought has snowballed into a powerful and exiting opportunity

for you and your friends and family to be part of this dynamic ripple effect.

Anytime, anywhere and together, we can make this happen!

(If this is not your desired outcome, feel free to use this visualization for any purpose).

Next time you see Joe on TV or hear him speak or see his picture,

seize the moment and infuse him with YOUR powerful energy!

See him strong and clear and energized.

Visualization is more impactful than words and conversations.

It's the number one ingredient in manifesting our collective success.

Picture him as powerful and steadfast, representing all the people of our nation,

as our caring and honorable leader and

the next president of the USA.

Imagine your exhilaration when the election results are announced and

Biden Wins. You will have played a pivotal role in bringing healing to our country.

This simple and powerful process contributes

to the ripple effect of change!

Take time today,

or everyday,

and especially Sundays at 4pm

so we can

light our way to see

the ripple effect manifest

in a safer and kinder world for

ourselves, our children and the planet!

Are you in?

If so.....

Spread the word and invite your friends and family to become part of the

Bolster Biden Campaign

Forward them this blog or email and let our message ripple far and wide.

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