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  • Liz Sterling

The Uglier the Better

This one is not easy to swallow….most of us have been sold on buying pretty food.

You know, perfectly colored and uniform in size…oranges, apples, tomatoes, lettuce and kale and you name it— most of our food is designed to look good — so we’ll buy it. Now I’ve been hit over the head with a new concept and not an easy one to digest.

For example, the leafy greens at the local farmer’s market have holes in them. Probably where little bugs or worms had a field day.

In July and August, I turned up my nose at that sort of thing and picked up nice looking produce at the health food store. But then I discovered they were shipped from California and had been on the road for a week or more…..

What’s a nice Jewish girl from Long Island to do?

I dug deeper and discovered, most of us have been brought up to buy pretty looking fruits and veggies, packaged conveniently in plastic and wrapped in more plastic. It’s convenient— but just not natural.

As the season progresses and the blooms become deeper and richer, so do my choices. Today, I’m eating ugly tomatoes and collard greens with little holes in the leaves.

At least I know they were grown and picked right here in Michigan, my summer backyard, with love and care. My new motto, the uglier the fresher!

PS: My prayers were with you all throughout Dorian as I kept close watch.

We were spared, unlike NC and the Bahamas so please, follow your heart to give and serve-- and be blessed.

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