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  • Liz Sterling

Unexpected Outcomes

I went to the Boca West Country Club to watch the Kentucky Derby— must have been a good hundred people, a couple dozen large screen TV’s and lots of Mint Juleps.

We all prayed the horses would be safe in the rain and muck. After an hour or so of excitement and build up, we saw the favorite, Maximum Security, win the race.

Within a few minutes, 90% of the guests had dispersed. I had lingered to finish my Mint Julep when the unexpected happened.

There was an objection issued. The few remaining Derby goers, who saw what was happening at Churchill Downs, were riveted to the screens as we waited for the final results.

After 22 minutes of deliberation, the stewards disqualified the initial winner and as you may know by now, Country House, a 65-1 long shot, won the race.

After the race my friend and I sat at the bar at the Steakhouse and ordered dinner. There was a couple to my left and another to my right. We had the best time sharing stories and chatting up a storm.

It ended up becoming a communal meal. We were sharing dishes with each other; the infamous popovers, onion rings and Baked Alaska. Nobody wanted more than a snippet of each and mostly we enjoyed knowing that complete strangers could warm up so quickly.

I learned a lot about unexpected outcomes and sure had a good time winning new friends!

PS: Winning is worth the wait --- and thank you for reading my blog.

Join me in south Florida on Wednesday, May 8th

Women's Wisdom Circle - 10:30 am - Noon

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