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  • Liz Sterling

War and Peace

Simon and Garfunkel wrote these lyrics,

“Last night I had the strangest dream

I ever dreamed before

I dreamed the world had all agreed

To put an end to war.”

I did not have that dream last night.

In my dream last night, I wasn’t listening, I wasn’t hearing, I was blabbering to my rabbi. He was trying to include me in his prayers but I was so full of stories and ideology and fear and worry that he couldn’t give me the peace I was seeking.

I knew in the dream that I was in trouble and that’s a true reflection of how I feel today. The campaign is escalating. The stories are mounting. Text messages, political ads and phone calls are overwhelming. The outer world concerns are vibrating into my dreams and I’d bet I’m not the only one feeling this way.

What is the way to put an end to this war that’s waging within?

As a spiritual teacher and guide, a good friend warned me, “Liz, don’t mix the two together. Stay out of the political arena. It’s not your work in the world.” He encouraged me to do what I do best.

So here is my wise counsel: Listen. Listen deeply, listen with your heart, listen with your intuition, listen quietly and listen for truth. If your head is spinning, like mine was in the dream, it’s hard to hear and feel what resonates as real.

I wish in last night’s dream I would’ve made room for the rabbi to guide me. But I was too full of misinformation and disinformation to access the space of peace that he was offering.

Where does your peace lie? How and when do you wage war?

In your thoughts, conversations, while yelling at the television?

I don’t want to be at war. I don’t want our country suffering.

I don’t want to be afraid of what’s coming.

Can I be part of the change I wish to see in the world? Yes, I Can!

I’m planning to avoid the cacophony of media soundbites and quietly bind myself to envision a new leader to lead us forward.

I’m trusting last night’s dream signals —the end of this war.

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