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  • Liz Sterling

We Can Move Mountains

This past week our nation collectively moved mountains to bring about new possibilities and renewed hope.

It was a big week for shifts: in the administration, in the rollout of the vaccine, in planning for the future, albeit, it may not be until 2022 that we’re booking to our bucket list destinations, but nonetheless, there’s movement towards a brighter tomorrow. I have faith in these prospects.

And speaking of shifts, I had a huge and total paradigm shift.

For years I have relied on a biblical saying that warned about doubt. I would often caution my students telling them that,

“A mustard seed of doubt can undermine all good intentions and thwart the manifestation of your wishes and desires.” I would finish this warning with another one, Don’t let doubt run amuck in your mind. It’s the destroyer. Be sure to focus on the outcome you want to create.”

And of course, it behooves us to focus on what we want to manifest because, as many of us know, what we focus on expands.

Living with this fear about the power of doubt has threatened me for years - until this week.

A short outdoor visit with a friend jostled me into this big shift. I was sharing my anxieties about selling my home and said to her, “I can’t have doubt. You know a mustard see of doubt will destroy the good outcome I’m hoping for.”

And she said, “You mean faith, Liz? You need a mustard see of faith. That’s what it says in the bible.”

I was like, WHAT??? What are you talking about?

My dear friend enlightened me by googling the quote from Matthew 17:20

“If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to your mountain, "MOVE!" and it WILL move... and NOTHING will be impossible for YOU!”

Can you imagine, all this time I had doubt set up as the destroyer, looming large in my consciousness, threatening to undermine and take away my good thoughts and intentions?

“Oh no, Liz, no doubt for you,” I would often chide myself if I lost faith in something.

So here it is — a new day. Collectively, we moved mountains to get our lives back on track and care for, We The People.

I too have felt a seismic shift in getting doubt out of the way and yielding to faith.

So, keep the faith my friend! I love how this “new” old truth sets the stage to move mountains, climb higher peaks and faithfully, hold the vision to manifest better days for all!

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