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  • Liz Sterling

What You Eat Matters

A piping hot order of french fries arrived at the table just as I spotted my friend sitting outside on another beautiful south Florida day.

The first things she said is, “Perfect timing! While I was waiting for you, I ordered some yummy food.”

“Arggh,” I said, “Those potatoes will land on me and sit there for a week. How could you?”

“Liz,” she replied, “If you think they’re bad, they will be bad. Mind your mind and enjoy just a few.” I was being called to awareness.

One of my teachers, Tony Fisichella, would often say, “What you eat matters, but how you feel about what you’re eating matters more. If you eat something and berate yourself in the process, you are taking that negativity into your mind and your entire energetic system.”

There are a gazillion factors that influence our cellular health. Food you eat with a good intention gives you more life and energy and imbibes happiness into your cells. Happy thoughts make for happy cells and our cells communicate with each other.

Food that is ingested with negativity, from thoughts or a television screen portraying the daily events will active your neurological system in an entirely different way —- often a stressful way, resulting in less than its maximum potential.

You’ve heard the saying, you are what you eat, well, it’s more than that. Yes, of course what you put in your body matters.

So, it stands to reason that what you think about, you bring about.

Remember to Eat Well and Love What You Eat!

PS: They were truffle fries —- and they were Goooooood!

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