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Liz Sterling

Author, Coach, Teacher, Motivational Speaker

Thousands of clients and listeners have been impacted by Liz's keen ability to elicit epiphanies through the forging of deep and meaningful connections she creates. 

Liz, who originally hails from New York, earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling and Human Development from Hunter College. She founded the Unity Counseling and Enrichment Center and LifeWorks in Boca Raton, FL. 

She works closely and compassionately with her clients and students to help them lead a healthier, more productive and enriched life. She has a wide range of specialties, training, education, and personal experiences to draw from and can work in a variety of therapeutic orientations. 

Behind the Scenes by Liz Sterling

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After interviewing more than 2,000 authors, celebrities, scientists, politicians and artists, Liz Sterling realized she was on to something. “There are many Life Lessons”, Sterling says, “and by learning these lessons from others, we benefit from their experience. We’re all looking for ways to learn about and understand ourselves and our changing world. Why not learn from those who have managed life’s changes effectively and from those who have already experienced great success?”   

In this compendium of stories and anecdotes, Liz Sterling takes you Behind the Scenes in this engaging blend of biography, autobiography and inspiration. As the stories unfold, the reader is led on an uplifting journey that proves the hand of destiny is always at play ‘behind the scenes’ in our lives. The meaningful insights and important life lessons, some of which are included below, will inspire you long after you have finished the book. 

Bouncing back

Joan Rivers


Peter Max

HOW To enjoy life

George Hamilton

Stand up & speak out

Bea Arthur


A breath of fresh air, Liz intuitively knew exactly the spot-on words I needed to say to someone. I felt more in control of the situation – and beyond. Liz’s coaching and counseling are sterling!

Liz has exceptional counseling skills. She not only listens, but is adept at finding ways to manage different issues and the  accompanying stress. As a typical man, I was never one to utilize “talk therapy,” but now I know it is truly invaluable if you find the right person. Liz Sterling is that person. I highly recommend Liz’s services and encourage anyone looking for an experienced, caring coach to set up sessions.  


Our work together produced immediate results, 10x better than I could have imagined!


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