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Meet Liz Sterling

Author, Coach, Teacher, Motivational Speaker  

Hello and welcome. 

I passionately believe a guide can help you navigate through life and is the best way to discern what really matters. If you are looking for more clarity, understanding, peace of mind, an epiphany here and there, or answers to the questions that stir your soul, Ask Liz!

With over thirty years of experience as a coach, counselor, spiritual teacher and motivational speaker, coupled with insights from interviews with world leaders, visionaries and international celebrities, I have been able to help thousands of people shift their perspective from head, to heart to soul.


When emotions are acknowledged and released and intentions are clearly defined, we become open to hearing, trusting and embracing our intuition so that we can experience everyday epiphanies.

Whether you're looking to fulfill your soul's purpose, uncover blind spots, embrace gratitude, interpret your dreams or shift your perspective, I'm excited to help you Make Life Matter Now.

Counseling Focus Areas

Head, Heart & Soul Coaching

Focus areas range from person to person.

During an initial consultation, we'll uncover your goals and desires


Some of the most popular include:

Abstract Nature
Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose

Together, we'll discover what excites your soul while developing techniques so that you can bring your unique contribution to the world.

Developing New Perspectives

Learning to reframe provides tools for increased clarity and enhanced understanding / compassion so that you can optimize your life in every situation. 

Emotional Healing

Identifying hidden emotions and releasing stagnant energy will  lead you to forgiveness, freedom and liberation from emotional pain.

Women's Empowerment

It’s a new day and there is a new way to tap into the rising tide of women’s empowerment. Draw from the deep well of inner wisdom and bring forth your fountain of wonder. 


We'll use ancient and contemporary methods for mind management to master the art of quieting the mind to activate increased awareness.

Relationship Development

Every relationship poses an opportunity to awaken parts of ourselves that have been hidden. Learn to work with and round out your own fabulous flaws.

Abstract Nature


“There is a woman whose acquaintance I have recently made and for whom I have deep respect. Her name is Liz Sterling.”

— Maya Angelou

“There is a woman whose acquaintance I have made and for whom I have deep respect. Her name is Liz Sterling.”

— Maya Angelou

Ask Liz

 What's the question that's been on your mind lately?


Once received, we can schedule a complimentary consult to discuss your question and provide integrative ideas

for your support.

Need inspiration for your question? As a Sun Sentinel contributor, I provided answers to readers looking for clarity, support and spiritual guidance. 

Question: How do I go about finding my life's purpose? 

A) The fact that you are asking this question is a good indication you are well on your way. Sophocles, the ancient Greek playwright, wrote, "Look and you will find it -- what is unsought will go undetected."

But where do you really start to tackle a question this large? This is the most practical and comforting approach to discovering your life's purpose. So many of us are seeking the "something out there" answer that will light the sky ablaze with recognition. Forget it. Our life's purpose is unfolding moment by moment, deed by deed.


Seeking is good for stimulating our curiosity; however, seeking is not the answer. Listening is. Listen to your inner voice. It takes practice to hear your true desires. Often, it will come as a whisper or serendipitous event that reminds you of what's important and what makes you happy.

Sometimes, finding your purpose could mean going against the advice of friends and family: Perhaps we should take a leap of faith and trust our dreams. Each small task of every day is part of who we are becoming, so rather than concentrating on what you want to do, decide what kind of person you want to be.

Be patient. Finding your life purpose won't happen overnight. It happens moment by moment, thought by thought, deed by deed. Be who you are. That is your purpose.

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