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  • Liz Sterling

Who's Your Advocate?

This morning a friend and I spoke on the phone. Janice was upset because she just left the doctor’s office with an RX for an antibiotic. It was for a UTI that was treated in April, but didn’t respond to the initial course of treatment. They want to try something different. “A stronger dose,” the doctor said.

Hmmm, I just heard this same story yesterday about my friend’s grandson who is dealing with a chronic sinus infection. “Let’s try another, stronger antibiotic,” the pediatrician said to the child’s mom.

I’m like what??? Is this how medicine works? Haven’t we learned how to treat and cure the cause? Dealing with bacterial issues should not be an all out guessing game especially since we are learning about antibiotic resistant strains that render current treatments ineffective.

I suggested that my friend with he UTI call back her doctor and set up another urine analysis with a culture that would identify the exact bacteria causing the infection. My other friend’s grandson will go to an ENT and hopefully they will do the same.

We don’t always have all the resources to explore all the options but we do have the ability to advocate for ourselves or to chose an advocate who can help us to best navigate our medical issues and concerns.

Some people I know are timid and they do not push to be heard. There are others who are intimidated by doctor’s and authority figures…. probably not you…. but someone you know may not know how to speak up and get the information they need deserve.

This is an important issue. My blog today is a reminder about advocating for yourself and for your loved ones. I have been a healthcare advocate for many friends and family members and am grateful to have friends and family who have offered to advocate for me.

I am inclined to think of this realm as part of the “Art of Assertiveness.”

What do you think? How well do you advocate and where do you need to do it the most?

Please remember to take care --- and take care of you!

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